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LinnaMasters 2018 Sunnuntai

M/N 35-39


  • #1

    Laji 1

    With a 10 minute running clock

    Min 00-05

    15-12-9 unbroken reps

    Clean and Jerks

    Unbroken touch and go sets for max load and reps

    Min 05-10

    AMRAP 5 minutes:

    7 Axelbar Thrusters

    7 C2B Pull Ups

    7 Barfacing Burpees

    For max repetitions

    Final score is average rank from the 2 parts.


    50kg Axelbar /C2B Pull Ups


    35kg Axelbar /C2B Pull Ups

  • #2

    Laji 2

    With a 9 minute running clock:

    AMRAP 4 minutes:

    10 DB Snatch

    10 Toes to Bar

    AMRAP 3 minutes:

    15 Axelbar Deadlifts

    15 Box Jump Overs

    AMRAP 2 minutes:

    Overhead Squats

    Workout is scored for total reps.


    70kg AxelBar /DB 25kg/ BB 50kg


    50kg AxelBar /DB 17,5kg/ BB 35kg

  • #3

    Laji 3

    With a 6 minute running clock:


    Dumbbell Devils Press

    Shuttle Run

    (Tiebreak time after last run)

    In the remaining time:

    Max Dumbbell Squat Cleans

    For max total repetitions


    22,5kg DB x 2


    15kg DB x 2

  • #4

    Laji 4

    With a 12 minute running clock:

    Buy In: 75m Axel Front Rack Carry (Only done once)

    AMRAP in the remaining time of:

    32 Double Unders

    16 Pistol Squats

    8 Axel Shoulder to Overhead 50/35kg

    4 Bar Muscle Ups

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