WODconnect - New PRO Features!

Frequently asked questions

How can I start my own competition?

  1. Sign-up/sign-in
  2. Create competition
  3. Add categories for competition
  4. Add athletes to categories
  5. Add first events or all events (depending on if you already revealed them)
  6. Add scores for the event(s)

How does the point system work?

Default point system works like this: First place: 0 points, second place 2 points, third place 3 points, fourth place 4 points etc. The less points you have the higher you end up in the rankings.

If you need a special scoring system, contact us at buddy@wodconnect.com - We will add custom scoring systems later for everyone.

Can I organize online qualifiers?

Yes you can, but you for now you need to contact us at buddy@wodconnect.com

Anything else I should know?

When inputting results, keep just one machine and one tab open for that event. Otherwise you might end up overwriting some results.

WODconnect - New PRO features!

  • Training programs
  • Activity graph
  • Workout weight calculator
  • Volume report
  • Comparison with other athletes
  • Date filters for strength history diagrams
  • SMS notifications
  • Get WODs to your email